Luke Walker: animal stick up for-er

Luke Walker is an eight year old boy with a mind of his own. He’s noticed that life often isn’t fair for animals and that his parents’ and teachers’ justifications for this don’t make sense. Wanting to right wrongs, he becomes a self-styled outlaw who will not play by the rules if the rules mean being unkind. He knows he’s right but he also knows that, in order to do the right thing, he sometimes needs to be sneaky.

These first eight chapters of Luke Walker’s adventures sticking up for animals are funny, inspiring, and very entertaining. Great mischief, great adventures, great fun! Luke Walker is a vegan Just William for the twenty-first century. This book is the first in the Luke Walker series.

All our profits from the sale of the Luke Walker books go to the wonderful Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk 😀

Format: Paperback 150 pages, black and white interior, dimensions: 6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm, vegan children’s book of short stories, suitable for ages 8 to 108.

£6.00 in UK. Prices may vary depending on where it’s printed.

Ships worldwide from international printer

Comments from the web:

“My 7 year old daughter and I just finished reading Luke Walker: Animal stick up for-er. We just loved it. I’m quick to tear up so I had to pause my reading many times to compose myself lol. We love Luke!! What a wonderful, endearing, inspiring young hero / role model. The story is a funny, touching, and exciting adventure of an 8 year old boy who fancies himself a Robin Hood-like outlaw with a vegan twist. He follows his kind heart, and sense of what is right, wherever it leads him. I hope Violet writes many more Luke Walker books. Thank you very much,”P and L

“These books are a great read ~ so, so hard to put down once started ! Thoroughly recommended for the animal lovers, and great literature lovers.”Dave S


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Reflecto Girl #7: Incidental

Renée Gale is a vegan activist. And superhero. Sort of. When she was eleven years old her grandmother gave her the Dounto, a mystical mirror, (pronounced doon-toe). Its name comes from the rule that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If the Dounto is held in front of someone who is doing something horrible to someone else, their misdeeds are reflected back. Whatever they are doing, happens to them.

With the Dounto, Renée is Reflecto Girl. In episode 7, on her way to reflect an unpleasant billionaire, Reflecto Girl accidentally reflects three other people on the same train. This exciting vegan comic, in the style of 1970s children’s comics, tells the very different stories of what happens to each of them.

Plus there’s a delicious vegan cake recipe at the end 😀

Format: Paperback 41 pages, colour interior, dimensions: 8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm, vegan children’s book suitable for ages 8 to 108.

£4.50 in UK. Prices may vary depending on where it’s printed.

Ships worldwide from international printer


Comments from the web:

“Awesome! Awesome story. Amazing. I loved the happy ending. Superb stuff.”BuzzBuzzGeorge


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